Web design


I. Software development

    During its work each organization encounters specific problems which can be solved by an appropriate software.
    We develop modern business management software solutions, on the bases of Client-Server or Internet/Intranet technologies according to the international standarts in the field.
    Our purpose is to create fast and reliable applications with user-friendly interface, which will meet the requirements of our customers.
    To achieve our goals we use world-wide processes of software development such as Rational Unified Process and Extreme Programming, depending on the complexity of the project.
    We use the object-oriented programming language Delphi to develop desktop applications. It allows us to be fast and efficient in our work. A new technology for direct access to databases gives us the freedom to choose the most appropriate server (Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Interbase) to fulfil the requirements of the project or our customers.

II. Management systems software development

  • Management systems
  • Automation software
  • Analytical software
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems

III. Web sites development

In our job we follow these concepts when developing web-pages:
  • Professional look
  • Finding quickly the required information
  • Fast loading
  • Compatibility with almost each contemporary browser
We use HTML, DHTML, Flash, Javascript, ActionScript, MySQL, PHP etc. to create them.
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